Eugene Virtual 5K

Very few live races at the moment, so I figured I’d do the virtual Eugene (Oregon) 5K and half marathon. I’ve run the marathon down there in the past, and it’s a really nice race. And it give me something to do. As I’m doing the Double Stack Challenge (brought to you by Krusteaz pancake mix, get it?), tomorrow is the half marathon. I was pretty sure my sub-3:00 marathon days were over, and this just confirms it: can’t run sub-3:00 if I can’t even run that pace for 5 kilometers. On the other hand, I went from death’s doorstep...Read more

Boston Marathon, Here I Come

Of course, not really. First, the marathon has been delayed this year until September. Second, have you not been reading? I’m in no marathon shape, and won’t be for a while. But, now that I’ve been medically cleared to be an idiot, I’ve not been slacking. The running ain’t much, but check out that yoga log. Because, man, sitting yer arse doesn’t do much for flexibility, either. All in preparation for…well, not in preparation for much of anything, really, other than it’s enjoyable and it prepares me to not be fat and winded. And with all the sitting around, I...Read more