My Saturday Run

Here’s a picture taken at the Redmond Watershed, where I spend a lot of my Saturday mornings running the trails. This one is the intersection of Siler’s Mill and Collins Creek trails.Read more

Manipulated by Pixels on a Screen

Got tired of looking at that hole in the middle of those “medals”. Not that it represents anything that can be converted to something of value, they’re just pixels on a screen. But as an old bicycle road race teammate used to say about criterium primes: “Hell, we’d sprint for a bag of rocks”. I have sprinted for a pair of socks that I could have just purchased myself for $7 (I don’t think I ever actually won any socks, though), so here we are. Regardless, one 20 mile run takes care of that for the day. And I’ve apparently...Read more
Eugene Virtual Half Marathon

Eugene Virtual Half Marathon

Well, that’s a wrap for this year. Actually, it’s been a wrap for a week, I’m just slow to report. First, the medal haul: The race is sponsored by Krusteaz, makers of fine pancake mix. So if one runs the 5K on one day, and the half marathon (or marathon, if that’s your thing) then next, you get the “double stack” medal…’cuz pancakes, get it? Speaking of pancakes, in a normal year one could race a person in a flapjack outfit. If you beat the flapjack (there’s a flapjill for the ladies to beat), you win a year’s supply of...Read more
Eugene Virtual 5K

Eugene Virtual 5K

Very few live races at the moment, so I figured I’d do the virtual Eugene (Oregon) 5K and half marathon. I’ve run the marathon down there in the past, and it’s a really nice race. And it give me something to do. As I’m doing the Double Stack Challenge (brought to you by Krusteaz pancake mix, get it?), tomorrow is the half marathon. I was pretty sure my sub-3:00 marathon days were over, and this just confirms it: can’t run sub-3:00 if I can’t even run that pace for 5 kilometers. On the other hand, I went from death’s doorstep...Read more

The Christmas Letter

I’ll bet Christmas letters are sounding pretty homogenous this year: How I Spent My Covidy 2020. Like many, we really didn’t do much. But it wasn’t completely boring, especially for those that don’t read every letter of this website. Let’s recap: There was the medical ordeal that put Mike in the hospital last Christmas Eve, and Santa brought him some surgery for Christmas. (That link and the follow-up link do contain some descriptions of medical stuff that I don’t find to be particularly graphic, but your stomach might differ.) Then a second surgery to glue it all back together again....Read more

The Numbers Don’t Lie

I’ve had an Apple Watch for a few years, and liked it enough to upgrade to the latest (Series 6 at this writing). Much like the Garmin it mostly replaced, the  Watch will keep track of my activity during the day, and then it keeps track over a period of months to see if you’re trending toward “more active” or “less active”. The watch will also do a crude measure of VO2Max, which is one indicator of fitness. It will also measure a rough approximation of calories burned throughout the day. And then pretty graphs are produced. In order...Read more

Those Blue, Blue Jeans

As I prepared to head into the office for one of those rare visits to fiddle with hardware, it occurred to me that I had not slipped on a pair of blue jeans in over eight months, since Christmas. First was  The Medical Ordeal, which precluded wearing stiff fabrics with thick seams (yowch). Then a virus started going around preventing me from going to work after my recovery. I mean, I wear pants, they’re just primarily pants from Prana, specifically their “Sutra” pant which…OMG, they don’t make them anymore?! Good thing I have like four pair of them. The last...Read more


Over eight months in the making, I finally took that shiny, unused backpack into the woods. For those tuning in late, the plan was set last fall with a “shoulder season” overnight trip in October, get my backpacking chops back in anticipation for more the following summer. Then the scooter crash happened. About the time I was healed up from that and ready to give it another go, The Medical Ordeal happened. Then, just as I was getting out of surgery #2, some virus started going around. And on June 12th, 2020, the National Parks Service opened up the North...Read more

Boston Marathon, Here I Come

Of course, not really. First, the marathon has been delayed this year until September. Second, have you not been reading? I’m in no marathon shape, and won’t be for a while. But, now that I’ve been medically cleared to be an idiot, I’ve not been slacking. The running ain’t much, but check out that yoga log. Because, man, sitting yer arse doesn’t do much for flexibility, either. All in preparation for…well, not in preparation for much of anything, really, other than it’s enjoyable and it prepares me to not be fat and winded. And with all the sitting around, I...Read more